Above the ground

Above the ground shows a series of material experiments of a six-weeks investigation at Cove Park in 2017 that explored sand-casting with aluminum.

In 2017 we were invited for the six-week International Design & Crafts recidency at Cove Park in Scotland.
Located on an outstanding rural site on Scotland's west coast, the project was driven by naive material experiments melting scrap aluminum from the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and the ship docks nearby the peninsula. Discarded bricks were used to improvise a smelting furnace on site. A ordinary hairdryer was used to raise the fire above the melting point of 660.3 °C.

The 6-weeks International Design & Craft Residency fellowship, 2017 was initiated by Cove Park and supported by Creative Scotland.

Bauxite, particularly aluminum, has significantly changed the world of architecture and design, travel and even warfare. As demand for aluminum increases and its applications expand, discussions about its production and environmental impact are gaining momentum.
How do the bauxite extraction and the industrial applications of aluminum contribute to the processes of world-making and world-breaking?
In what ways has aluminum contributed to the human imagination of certain places as centers of modernity and others as peripheries of extraction?