The award/object Qube, honors civilians, groups or institutions who are committed with regard to the needs of the members of the military and their relatives.

Qube is handed over annually since 2015 by the Federal Republic of Germany.
The object is composed of three geometric complementary parts that not only influence each other, but rather can complement each other. The wooden base symbolizes society, the middle part that is made of Corian stands for the awardees and their engagement and the smallest part the brass cube represents the military.

Commissioned by the Federal Republic of Germany. Produced by Köster Möbelwerkstätten.

The object conveys more than the sole utilitarian purpose of a representative award, in that it critically questions the relationship between the military and society describing it as a changing, non-rigid set of relationships that must be shaped in public discourse. By arranging the parts freely, it gives the chance to place the brass cube wherever you think it belongs to and invites to think critically about the position of the military in a sophisticated and pluralistic society. Does the military stand rather on the edge or completely enclosed, in the center of society? Or is it just a luxury we afford ourselves as a society?